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Meet The Team


Founder & CEO

Max Amer

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With a strong background in education and extensive experience in medical billing and revenue cycle management, I am a versatile professional dedicated to driving academic success and financial optimization within healthcare practices. Throughout my career, I have excelled in overseeing education programs while also spearheading initiatives to maximize revenue and ensure compliance.

As the former Director of Education at Florida Career College in Miami, FL, I successfully implemented and maintained high-quality educational programs, driving academic achievement and improving instructional techniques. However, it was my passion for medical billing and revenue cycle management that truly allowed me to shine.

Drawing upon my expertise in coding practices, billing regulations, and reimbursement procedures, I developed and implemented efficient billing processes that optimized operations and maximized revenue for the institution. I closely monitored billing data, identified revenue trends, and implemented strategies to minimize denials and enhance collections.

In addition to my role in education, I recruited, trained, and mentored staff on best practices in medical billing and revenue cycle management. I played a pivotal role in implementing systems that ensured accurate and compliant billing practices.


Furthermore, I consistently evaluated programs, monitored implementation, and maintained regulatory compliance, achieving financial objectives while adhering to industry regulations.


My strong analytical skills and attention to detail have been instrumental in optimizing revenue cycles. I have leveraged technology and implemented effective billing systems to streamline operations, reduce errors, and improve overall financial performance.

I am committed to driving financial success and providing efficient, compliant, and results-driven solutions in medical billing and revenue cycle management. My exceptional organizational skills, positive attitude, and ability to manage multiple priorities have consistently contributed to the success of the teams I have worked with.



Yadira Martinez

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As a healthcare entrepreneur, Yadira is a dynamic and visionary leader dedicated to transforming the industry and making a lasting impact on patient care. With a strong background in healthcare and a passion for innovation, Yadira has emerged as a driving force in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare entrepreneurship.

After working with many healthcare companies and completing Interdisciplinary Studies with a Minor in Marketing and E-Analytics, she embarked on a journey of entrepreneurial exploration, fueled by a deep desire to revolutionize healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes. Recognizing the need for innovative solutions, Yadira set out to create a company that would disrupt traditional healthcare practices and usher in a new era of excellence.

Drawing upon her healthcare entrepreneurship, Yadira founded Providers Medical Billing and Modern Medical Billing, a trailblazing venture aimed at revolutionizing the way medical billing is delivered for Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, Therapy based and Mental Health providers. Through Providers Medical Billing, and Modern Medical Billing, Yadira is at the forefront of driving positive change, empowering healthcare providers, and enhancing patient experiences. Yadira's dedication to optimizing cash flow extends to providing insightful reports and analytics, guiding practices on the best strategies for success. Additionally, she offers valuable marketing insights to support practice growth. Notably, through her strategic guidance and expertise, she has helped numerous practices achieve remarkable growth, increasing their cash flow by at least 2x and positioning them for long-term success.

In addition to leading Providers Medical Billing and Modern Medical Billing, Yadira has also demonstrated her entrepreneurial prowess by successfully establishing and selling a turn-key holistic clinic, Holistic Elite. With a keen business acumen and a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, she built the clinic from the ground up, creating a thriving practice that offered comprehensive and holistic care to patients.


Through speaking engagements, thought leadership initiatives, and community involvement, Yadira has become a trusted voice and a respected influencer in the healthcare entrepreneurship space.

Yadira's entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a deep passion for improving healthcare, has positioned them as a true catalyst for change. Through her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to innovation, Yadira is driving meaningful transformation in the healthcare industry.

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